Girls in pink dresses

She jumped out the car, ran up to me and gave me the biggest smile and hug. This was how I was greeted by 18 month old Izzy. :) I couldn’t believe what a cutie she was! :)

I was so flattered when Tendai told me that she had been told a lot about me from her friends in Zimbabwe, so I was so happy we could finally schedule a photo shoot for them (after a couple of months of mismatched calendar dates)! :)

For the rest of the shoot, we kept it natural. I love natural shots for the way they develop and tell a story about the family. It evolves from the family feeling a little uneasy in front of the camera to some beautiful and open moments that happen between my camera and them. :)

The moment I love the most during a family shoot, is when the kids warm up to me and let me into their space and then it becomes like a game. :) Whether it’s throwing and chasing a stick, or picking up grass and throwing it in the air or rolling down a hill -it’s all about having fun!


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  1. Gogo Whingwiri

    wow! that’s my family, lovely photos. Love them all so much. The girls are so beautiful and Vuyo and Tonde you are handsome guys. So proud of my grandchildren. This is lovely and ooh I miss them so much.


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