Claudia and Nick Wedding

Nick and Claudia’s wedding was absolutely charming. From her parents house that she got ready at, that was filled with little trinkets and the most amazing piano room because her dad is a brilliant pianist and Claudia has also grown up playing the piano. To the Italian inspired decor of the reception. It was held at Nick’s parents house, exactly a year after his twin sisters wedding was also held at the exact same venue. You may remember Libby and Paul’s wedding.

Underneath the patio with skylights above the tables which let in the most gorgeous soft light, was one long table that stretched all the way down the patio. At the end of the patio opened up to the garden which was lush, green and blooming full of the most delightful flowers and bushes. There is something about a beautiful garden that makes my heart skip a beat – I remember my granny and great granny had green fingers with a gorgeous garden and as a little girl I would imagine I was in a secret garden.

Nick is such a gentleman and you can tell by the way he looks and talks to Claudia that he is so in love with her. I love to catch moments that people don’t know about, and one of my favourite moments was when he quickly reached over and kissed her neck. Let’s start with that one … :)

This decor doesn’t need an introduction – it is just magnificent! Old world was the inspiration, and I really did feel like I walked into the set of the Gatsby. I might’ve gone a little over the top in my selection of this wonderful decor & set up, but it deserved to be celebrated. :)

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