I am thrilled that you stopped by! I love getting enquiries from people who love my work and appreciate how much passion and love I put into photographing you, your wedding, your families and your babies. :)

I am now based in Harare, Zimbabwe, but I have traveled to South Africa and Botswana for shoots and am willing to travel for your wedding.

Please contact me in advance since I only book a limited amount of weddings per year.

Wedding investments for 2018 prices start at US$1,600 for local Zimbabwe weddings.

Wedding investments for 2019 prices start at US$1,800 for local Zimbabwe weddings.

If you have other photography requirements, or queries on events or corporate shoots, please feel free to contact me.

Please fill out the contact me form and I will be in touch with you soon.

“It is not everyday that someone’s work gets my attention so much that I go over it again and again in full admiration. We received our package today – and generally, I am not one to spend time looking at photos or going over past memories. You could say, I am not the sentimental type. However, as soon as I glanced over a couple photos, I was hooked. A day that was supposed to be a busy day at work, ended up being a day of reflecting and reliving of beautifully captured and eternalized memories.Thank you for that. My wife and I fell in love over and over again today, as each moment – as each image – reminded us of our day – OUR day!
The quality of your work is astounding – i generally expect that level of quality from grey haired master craftsmen! It is a bias that is deeply rooted in personal experiences. However, the evidence I have in front of me shatters all biases and it gave me a whole new perspective. You are a talented young woman, and your work is masterclass.
 It is also the small things, the attention to detail, the timely and coordinated manner in which you handled the day that amazes me. Not to be discounted is your level of preparation, planning, and correspondence before, during and after the event. I am grateful.
Thank you for capturing our wedding through your lens and into eternity for us and our family.”
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