Shoulda done this a long time ago!

I’ve wanted to create a blog for a while now, but you know what life is like – one week merges into another and the next thing its the end of the year. It happens quicker and quicker the older I get… hopefully life slows down at some stage.

Writing was never a strong point of mine at school – but I always loved being creative. And now I can be creative with my photography and write a little about the story that always goes along with photos too! :)

For those of you who don’t know me, I started my photography journey longer ago than I sometimes think. I knew I always wanted to be a photographer, I just wasn’t sure how and where and when to start.
My first picture was taken with my Kodak point and shoot at the age of 10 – I photographed my Barbie dolls!! I always loved to be the one to take photos instead of being in them.
At Rhodes where I went to university, I studied Fine Art Photography, and was completely inspired by the dark room. However, as a naive student, I took those days for granted and they wizzed passed & I now long for a dark room of my own. Though with the development of digital photography and all the editing tools, I am in bliss once again.

My husband always says every journey starts with a dream. We start to use our imagination and it then becomes a reality – which is why my logo is Dream, Imagine, Capture – because my dream is capture the raw emotion and imagination of people through my photography.

You can visit my website to view more photos:
Here are some of my favourite ones. :)

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  1. Dirk

    just wanted to leave a message on your very first blog. Luff you lots like jelly tots and smarties.


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