Colours of summer

A lazy Sunday afternoon was spent at the park with this family. Everyone beginning to wind down the weekend to start a fresh new week. Their daughter, Catherine, was such a cutie in her pink flower dress. Mum and dad, (Kerri and Donovan), looked happy and content as they played with her and we got the most gorgeous expressions out of her, especially the ‘shock factor’ face!

I love giving people their photographs as I really get inspired by their reactions and expressions. Their email to me after they had seen the photos gave me goosebumps – they said that both of them got very teared up after seeing them. That’s why I love doing this – when I get those responses from people, it completely drives & motivates me!

3 Responses to “Colours of summer”

  1. Elmarie

    Did you use a filter when you took the photo on top? I like the colour. Another successful photo shoot!

  2. Alana Meyer Photography

    Thank you! :) I didn't use a filter, but used Lightroom for the top image.


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