A little town called Greyton

While in the Cape, I found some gorgeous spots to photograph, Elgin being one of the many which was filled with winelands and grapes and dusty roads.
We visited some family and stayed in a little town called Greyton. A sleepy place but very quaint – a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. We stayed in a B&B called “The Lord Pickleby” which has a wicked story behind the name – you should go there to find out about it. It is run by ex-Zimbabweans, so of course we had lots in common and will definitely visit them again in the future when we next stay in Greyton. A silly little fact which might draw the whiskey drinker in you to this town – the advert for Bells Whiskey – “Give that man a Bell’s” where the flyfisher catches the keys with his rod, is filmed in a little pub there. Awesome!

The rolling mountains and fields in that area are just spectacular. Imagine waking up to these mountains every morning. I had lots of fun photographing the area as well as my aunt’s horses and with each shot another spark of excitement glowed inside me!

Next was Hermanus. Again, I was gushing at the beauty of this place. No words can really express, hopefully my photos show it off better than I can explain.

Once we got back to Cape Town, we met up with some friends for some sun downers. Nothing compares to these spectacular sunsets!

Take a look at our short road trip in a few photos… and tell me you don’t want to move to the Cape! ;)

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