U2 360 Concert – Johannesburg, South Africa

Today I have no voice, sore feet and aching back. But heck, it was all SOO worth it!
I screamed like a crazy woman. I sang to every song. I jumped to the beats and stood for 7 hours.
Ever since I first heard U2 on my dad’s stereo, I fell in love with them and it has been a dream to see them live. What an opportunity when their 360 tour came to South Africa!! *scream*
It was everything I dreamed it to be and more! Not only was the performance, music, sound, lights incredible…but I was surrounded by awesome friends!
Words still don’t explain how amazing the concert was – chills still go down my spine when I think of it! What amazing performers they are and I hope I get to see them perform again in my lifetime!!
(PS. Please excuse the low quality photos, no professional cameras were allowed in the venue)

My fellow stadium goers…

Sore feet…

*scream* (again)

We made the milky way in Johannesburg. Everyone in the stadium (approx 95 000 people) lit up their cell phones in honour of our hero Nelson Mandela… UNBELIEVABLE!!

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