How my life has changed

The introduction of a puppy into ones life should not be taken lightly. As I sit typing, the puppy is finally asleep after playing all day & pooping everywhere & generally keeping me away from my work! It’s like having a walking toddler, with no nappy & no 9 months in the tummy to prepare. Don’t get me wrong, Cassie is gorgeous and I love this little thing to bits, but sleep deprivation seems to have already set in…

For those of you that follow me on Twitter you may remember me tweeting about my surprise birthday presie last Friday. Dirk kept me guessing where we were going for my birthday and once we got there & I saw the Wet nose sign, tears streamed down my face that he was going to be giving me a puppy. He had been planning it and had seen the little pup advertised on Wet nose’ website. He reserved her and when we got to seeing her, I fell in love with this bounding, energetic, fiesty little character. Big floppy ears, tiny body & so excited to see anyone and everyone.

Raising a puppy (in the hopes of having a well behaved dog) is not for sissies. “Come do a wee” is probably the most used phrase that I’ve used ever! Play time consists of Cassie chewing my toes, biting my ankles, gnawing on my fingers but giving me lots of kisses making me fall in love with her all over again.

I love Dirk so much for being such an amazing husband & taking this big step in our lives together – he will make such a great puppy Daddy.

Go and check out Wet nose website. While we were there we looked at other doggies & kittys that need homes. They are so well looked after at Wet Nose, and all they want is a loving new home.

Look how happy he looks :)

Found her new bed very quickly
First night in her new home…

7 Responses to “How my life has changed”

  1. Annalene

    so awesome! cant wait to see her:) she has big paws hey and such an adorable face.

  2. Jennifer

    Beautiful pics of such an adorable puppy :) Yay for company on editing days!

  3. Bobbette

    Wetnose do such an incredible job – we got our previous African Special from them and she was such a pleasure!
    The puppy stage of being a "terrorist" may last a while – we are about 8 weeks into our new pup and sleep deprivation and cleaning floors have taken on new meaning. The phrase "slowly but surely" takes on a whole new meaning with a puppy, some days it feels like she learns one thing, just to forget the last thing we taught her!
    But then again she looks at you with those big brown puppy eyes and ALL is forgotten and forgiven!

    Good luck, in the end there is no unconditional love like a dog's!

  4. Alana Meyer Photography

    Thank you for your comments! :) I so appreciate them all :)

  5. Pat Bitter

    Congrats on your new famiy member, Lana! At least she hasn’t begun on leather bags and shoes yet…something to look forward to :) Love your new website and would enter compitition if I knew how to blog…he,he.
    Love Patti X

  6. Gail Clinton

    I love your new website Lani-it’s so easy to navigate and of course it goes without saying that I am one of your biggest fans! And my granddog is just too cute – wish we could dog sit if you weren’t so far away!


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