Please sir,can I have some more?

I’ve been taught that if I sit, and lift my paw, I get a treat. They make a fuss of me and say I look cute, then I get some biltong! (I always look cute though, so not sure what difference this makes.) Biltong is meaty, salty & chewy – so darn delicious! Sometimes I skip my meals just so that maybe just maybe, they’ll give me some more biltong!


Mom bought a jacket for me for winter – it’s blue! Why blue? I wanted Pink! Dad says he wanted Green and Gold…not sure why? When I next pose for mom, I’ll wear my jacket so you can see…though Pink would look so much better on me than blue!

Do any of you have biltong for me? Look how cute I am…

5 Responses to “Please sir,can I have some more?”

  1. Louise

    I’ll have to bring some special Marondera biltong from Duggies next time I visit my Mom!!!

    Alana and Dirk you have the most gorgeous (well maybe the second) doggy in Africa!!

  2. Greg

    Hi Lans,
    This is such a stunning pic. Please can you tell me what lens you used?


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