What’s up Doc

It’s the Dog Blog:

I’m bored.

Mom’s working on that box again and I’m bored. 

She gave me this orange thing, called a carrot, to chew on today. I was like “That’s rabbit food mom!” but it turns out, its quite tasty and kept me chewing for a few hours! I have to say although it may be good for my eye sight, I was dreaming I was chewing on a meaty piece of biltong.

It’s nearly time for me to go and bug her so I can see my friends. There’s this big fluffy gentle friend I’ve made – she’s cool, she watches that no fights break out. Then there are lots of other pups at the park – some which are a little rough but I’m learning to give it back to them. Just because I’m small, doesn’t mean you can pick on me – besides Dad is teaching me to hunt lions so they better watch out! My favourite is the one that looks like me, but bigger – his name is Turbo! We play nicely… except when he tries to steal my treats.

I’ll leave you with these photos that mom took of me. She can be sooooo embarrassing some times – at least Turbo wasn’t around to see her leaning over with that dang camera!

6 Responses to “What’s up Doc”

  1. Annalene

    so cool! i really like the foto of her legs n tail with the caption “relaxation”! so good:)

  2. MarleneJury

    i agree with annalene….”relaxation” photo is too precious. always enjoy the dog blog

  3. Gail Clinton

    ah,I love my little granddog! Please bring her to visit us when you come in July!She’s just the cutest thing.

  4. Kristy

    I always look forward to the “dog blog”, puts a smile on my face every time! Thanks for the entertainment Lans.


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