The little travelling pup

So things have calmed down in my life. So much so that I get quite bored now! After my travels to Zimbabwe, then Cape Town (or Sand Town!) now being back at home is boring!! Mom then decided to bring some “excitement” again..except it wasn’t what I expected! I went to hospital for an operation – so here I sit with a sore tum tapping on the keyboard because there’s not much else to do around here! I can’t WAIT to go for a walk again – which brings me to why I’m tapping! Boy did I meet some cool Cape Town doggies! We went to this HUGE forest for the longest walk in my life!!! I thought I would walk forever! I also got to go to a thing called a wine farm! It was a pup friendly wine farm! I got to sit on moms lap, while she…lapped up the wine!? I even met my aunty in Cape Town – I almost wanted to stay behind with her!

Looking through the photos makes me wanna go for a long walk like that again!

Maybe one day I’ll go back…


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