Chantel and Hendrik Moroccan themed Wedding

You might remember Chantel and Hendrik from a few weeks ago when I did their engagement shoot. Now it was time for their wedding. They really are such a sweet couple. Throughout the night they kept thanking me and checking I was alright. They really just care for other people and what a fantastic wedding it was. Such fun friends & family all there to support the lovely couple! And the fun photo booth was ridiculously hilarious!

Chantel looked sooo beautiful! Her dress was incredible and it was just made for her! Apparently Hendrik thought that she was going to walk down the aisle in a purple dress, but she walked down in a gold dress – seriously hot! I don’t think he would’ve cared if it were pink, yellow or green, because the look on his face when he saw her was pure joy!

I had Kate van Onselen second shooting for me on the day and running around holding bags & reflectors for me, so thanks Kate :) Check out her blog soon for more photos.

Thank you Chantel & Hendrik for such an awesome day – I hope you enjoyed the rest of your evening :)

Venue: Sun Valley Estate

Make Up: Adele Venter


6 Responses to “Chantel and Hendrik Moroccan themed Wedding”

  1. Kerry

    These photos are so lovely. i love the photobooth photos. Looks like people had a lot of fun!

  2. Hendrik & Chantel

    Wow Alana ! this is why we chose you…your ability to capture a moment and the emotions that accompany it.

    The day goes by so quickly, too much euphoria ,excitement and emotions that you rarely take a moment to take it all in.

    It is so awesome to see the preparation from both sides, seeing the raw emotions that we both went through before the wedding … this will bring great conversations for us in the years to come
    And another great thing is to see the reactions and the “thoughts” in picture of your friends and family on the day , like the photo of Lisa in the light pink dress – WOW ! And the photos of my bridesmaids enjoying themselves and the nervous excitement of the Best man ! We can not explain how intensely happy this makes us !

    What more can we say except for THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU !

  3. Karin Smit

    Wow! I am a niece of the mother of the groom and think you did an absolutely amazing job! The emotions are captured with perfect timing. Well done! I wish you were closer to Jeffreys Bay, as my daughter is getting married next spring. Could have used a steady hand like yours :)


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