Megan & Rob’s Johannesburg Country Club Wedding

You may remember Meg and Rob from their winter engagement shoot. The moment we started the shoot, I knew their wedding photos were going to be incredible.

Both of them are such fun, natural, beautiful people. Their characters shine through in the photos and not once did I see them looking stressed on their wedding day. Their wedding was about the two of them – just how every wedding should be. I could tell how both of them lit up when they were together, a pretty smile went to a huge, sparkly, joyous smile; a look went to a loving gaze, and their hands just couldn’t stay at their side while they were together. THIS is why I love shooting weddings!

I always gain a lot of knowledge about my clients from the wedding day as we chat like friends and joke about things, but the way I gain the deepest knowledge is through the speeches – and this couple have been through so much together, meeting in Manhattans Night club, travelling and living in India and I found out how caring, loving and genuine they are, and how perfectly suited they are for each other. You can also tell a lot about people from their friends and family, and what a fun group of people they are. The photo booth was INSANELY hilarious! :)



We had stacks of fun in the photo booth!

Venue: Johannesburg Country Club

DJ: Party Mix

You can check out the photos on my Facebook fan page and go and tag yourself :)

7 Responses to “Megan & Rob’s Johannesburg Country Club Wedding”

  1. Sal

    What amazing pictures! Megs looks incredibly beautiful – there are some amazing photos of her! Robs looks super hansome too! What a fun day! So lucky to be a part of it!! Can we do it again, please??

  2. Sim Loxton

    Ah guys WOW!!! You both look incredible and so, so happy. Much love, happiness and peace to your life togehter xxx

  3. Flic Mulligan

    STUNNING photos of a STUNNING couple.. they really capture how gorgeous these two are together. Wish I could have been there to witness the magic.. x


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