Growing up: {eating shoes, jumping up & determination}

It’s the Dog Blog!

Hi Fans,

I know, it’s been a while since I put paw to keyboard, but I’ve been doing stuff like growing up and generally being a teenager. ..if only I could figure out how this collar comes off, and then I’d be a free dog!! :)

People have been saying stuff like “oh look how big you’ve gotten” and “how you’ve grown”. Something I find quite funny is I don’t feel any taller – I still have to look up ALL the time & I kinda struggle to jump in the car for walky time, so not sure what they’re all banging on about. (GASP – Are they saying I’m fat!?!)

So I’ve now got a mind of my own. I’m not a little puppy anymore, which means, why should I listen to Mom ALL the time! It’s kinda fun to run off in the park and greet the other dogs – Mom lost me the one time – heehee, I had her in a real panic while I hid behind some tall grass and ignored her calling…hehe…makes me laugh everytime I think of it…she ran from one side of the park to the other when she spotted me and I ran in the opposite direction even faster than her! Pah – when I was a puppy I would NEVER do things like that! I only stuck by her side and came when she called.

I’ve also discovered something which is so delicious – SHOES! Apparently mom loves them too – but in a different way to me. Maybe we’ll both love them the same way one day and we’ll both be in shoe heaven together. :)

So I promise not to stay away so long next time.

Peace and love of shoes,

Cassie dog


Eating my shoe…

I can still pull a shweet puppy dog look…

My regal look

My look of determination (aka disobedience)


2 Responses to “Growing up: {eating shoes, jumping up & determination}”

  1. Kerry

    The dog blog!!! YAY!!! And how she has grown. Wow. You mustn’t wait so long to write again Cassie. We love hearing from you…. :-)

  2. Annalene

    Yay! I love all her expressions. Cassie is beautiful, I must get Scruffie to come play in Cassie’s neighbourhood :)


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