Lonely days, yummy food & Christmas presents

It’s the DOG BLOG!

Hi Furry Fans & not so furry fans,

So you’ll never guess what! Mom decided to disappear for a while two weeks ago. She packed her bags and was gone for, like, ever! They told me she went to a place that I would remember – Zimbagaweba?! I cant remember the full name. Dad had to look after me, and kinda spoilt me too (I made him feel bad for leaving me at home ALL DAY!) So he went and bought me the most delicious tasting food (Mom only gives me the healthy stuff but Dad spoils me!) It’s lonely at home with no human to play with, so when Dad gets home, my tail sometimes feels like it’s gonna break off coz I get soooo excited! Maybe it’s time they get a play mate for me…

Now Mom is back & they keep talking about that Zimbagaweba place again. She’s packing that camera bag again. *Sigh* – she’s going back AGAIN!?

Well, all I can say is that she better have a really good Christmas present for me. (I keep hinting for a bigger bed – HELLO – I’m a big dog now!)

I love my walks at the park so I’ll leave you with some happy photos of my visit to the park.

When my ears are back like this – I can go really fast!

Hmm, something smells fishy…

Grrr…I got a stick, I got a stick!

I can jump really high when I want something!

3 Responses to “Lonely days, yummy food & Christmas presents”

  1. Kerry

    Love the dog blog. Cassie has grown up so much since the last blog. She must be allowed to write more often!!!! :)

  2. Annalene

    So much fun I love the ones with her catching the stick! hmm I hope she gets her Xmas present :)


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