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Hi fans,

So if you follow my mommy’s posts, about some 52 project thingy, you would’ve seen me featured last week…or the week before?! I can’t remember. But anyway, I was a water dog! It was such fun. I got to swim, run around the pool, bark my heart out AND play with my friends Zak and Zela!

She wanted me to model for her, and I think I did a fine job.

Dad was also in on it. They made me do it a few times but hey – the attention was just too much fun. And the best part was when I got out, I would tease them by coming to the edge of the pool, and then running away so they couldn’t catch me! That kept them entertained for a while. hee hee!

Something that we’ve NEVER done here on the Dog blog, is show you what I see – only what mom sees through her camera. Let’s have a show of paws if you want more of what I see as well from doggy perspective?

The Result:

But as I was swimming above mom in our practice rounds, this is what I saw. (scary, right?!)

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  1. Gail Clinton

    That’s so cool Lan! Cassie looks like she’s having even more fun than you and Dirk!


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