Diana & Edwin’s Engagement Shoot

Diana and Edwin will be getting married in Zimbabwe in May and so we had their engagement shoot last week before they make their way there for the final arrangements of their wedding. Diana lives in Australia and has managed to organise her wedding from such a long way a way with the help of Tangerine Company.  

They are such a sweet couple and very much in love! The way they look at each other, you can see the passion in their eyes.

Looking forward to an extremely awesome wedding celebration with them.

Edwin’s sister was there so we had a quick photo with her.

6 Responses to “Diana & Edwin’s Engagement Shoot”

  1. Kristy Gray

    Love the “I’m hers”, “I’m his” pictures…great idea! And she looks stunning in that colour purple.

  2. Zillah Chilowa

    Alana. pics are amazing, you cna feel the love this couple have for each other. Can’t wait to see you at the wedding

  3. IT Chiwara

    Cute couple! Lovely pictures . May God bless you and protect you on your new journey !!!


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