{Engagement shoot} Wrapped up in beautiful light

On this particular day, with this particular couple, the sun shone so lightly and beautifully onto them, that it looked like they were enveloped in the rays. Yip, this is so exciting to me, and anyone who has experienced me happy behind the camera, will know how I react. Bouts of screams, ‘oohs’, words like “WOW”, and “AWESOME”, are part of my vocabulary and sometimes even a little hop in my step. That’s when you know I’ve got a good shot.

So, Kristy and Kevin experienced this “happy behind the camera” me. There were doggies and walkers everywhere and they totally looked like models. You’ll spot the one photo (which I had to add in) has a doggie tail in it! :)

It’s gonna be a fun wedding with them in Cullinan. :)

4 Responses to “{Engagement shoot} Wrapped up in beautiful light”

  1. Kerry Constable

    Wow! Alana – these are magnificent pictures of my beautiful friends! I love the natural light – so stunning! Look forward to the photos after the wedding!

  2. Kirsty Boltman

    Such beautiful photos of a truly gorgeous couple. Can’t wait for the wedding shots!


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