Wedding Tips: Help a Bride Out

Choose your Wedding Photographer Carefully

This tip is quite close to my heart and I really believe an important one when planning your wedding. Please note that it’s not a self-promotional post – I only want to help you make an informed decision.

It’s true  – Weddings cost lots of money.

The venue, the decor, the DJ hire, catering, the tables, chairs, waiters, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the drinks bill…the list goes on… and I can promise you one thing that you won’t remember a lot of the day. All the months of effort you put in to all the details and the peoples reactions as you entered the ceremony, the moments of you getting ready with your friends and family, your dads reaction after seeing you in your dress, how truly beautiful you looked, how handsome your husband looked, your guests who came from all over – this will all be but a memory unless you get a good photographer to capture these moments.

Please please please don’t feel obliged to have a friend or an uncle to do your photos unless they are a professional wedding photographer and you are happy with their style of photography. All too often I hear of people opting for their friend who is a good “sports photographer” or someone who takes really good photos of flowers to do their wedding. Please understand that they may be great at their genre, but are they good with flash photography? Are they good with people? Can they pose people to look their best? What if it rains, will they know what to do? Are they bold of enough to walk to the front of the Chapel to get the shot of you kissing? If the Chapel is dark, will they have the right lenses, knowledge and flash equipment to get good photos? Do they look out for obtrusive backgrounds that will detract from you? If they are a “guest” – will they be able to seperate themselves and understand that this is an important job, or will you find them at the bar half way through the speeches? Do you really want your “uncle”/”friend who is good at taking wildlife photos” to be in the room with you while you’re changing into your dress?

If the answers to these are: “I’m not sure” – then you should reconsider and find a professional “Wedding photographer” who has a good portfolio and is confident to capture your wedding day. Nothing will bring back this day so choose wisely and if you have to spend a little extra on the right photographer, then cut back on a few things, spend a bit less on the catering, or the booze bill, or buy the R300 pair of shoes instead of the R1000 pair.

I promise, you won’t regret taking this tip. You will regret it if your dream wedding was not photographed properly.

Be informed & choose wisely & be the one to say “I loved my wedding day, and I love the photos even more”

Have a great week! :)


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