Cassie has a sleep over

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Hi fans!

So I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been! I’ve been growing up, turning a year old, and most recently, had my first sleep over at my house! Scruffie, my cousin, came for a visit, and not JUST a visit, he’s staying with us, his bed is next to mine, and we even eat together!! It’s such fun – we play all day, have a nap when we get tired, and then play some more. This morning, when it was still dark, I tackled him in his sleep and made such a noise by barking that we got shouted at by mom and dad (spoil sports!)

We go to the park and the bestest part is that mom throws a ball that we chase and I always try to win because then I can run away with the ball!

I’ve made a few doggy friends in my life, but Scruffie is just the bestest. He’s my size, my weight and so we’re evens stevens. PLUS, if we have a fight, it’s ok, coz we’re family so we get over it! ;)


Scruffie is such a flirt with the humans!

Waiting to go for a walk – COME ON MOM!!!!

Scruffie running… you can’t see me coz I was so fast, I was infront of him ;)

Having some down time…. phew, it’s exhausting.



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  1. Annalene

    Awe so cool! this blog is awesome:) glad they having fun! Family rocks! I love the part where they woke you guys up! hehe naughty kids.


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