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When planning your wedding, it’s very important to think of timelines early on in the planning. It helps for a stress free day and also helps with the flow of the wedding which keeps guests entertained and keen.

Everything from your makeup artist and hair dresser arriving on time, to the time dessert is served will help you with running a smooth wedding day.

Is it in winter – therefore the sun will set much earlier – so an earlier wedding is called for. How long will the pastor talk for? Get a definite answer from him as if he runs late – everything after that will run late. Make sure you let him know that he has a certain amount of time for the service and must not go over that.

Where are you getting ready? If it is at a different venue to the ceremony, factor in the time to drive there. Is the reception at a different place too? Factor in the drive time there too. And remember that your photographer will always need to be at least 10 minutes ahead of you in order to get the equipment out in time before you arrive anywhere.

Photographs – where have you or your photographer isolated for photos? Is there another drive time to get there or can you walk? How long will it take you to walk there? This may sound ridiculous, but on the day, you want as little stress as possible and if these times have been factored in, then you will not stress about being late.

Remember also that photo sessions will need to be fitted in before sunset so if you run late, expect to have less photos in your album.

Catering – food is made specifically for a time to be served. If speeches run late or your MC does not keep the flow of the wedding going, then the food which you spent so long to choose, will not be at it’s best. Expect limp lettuce or dried out meat if you run over too long. Also, hungry guests = unhappy guests.

Hope this helps in the smooth running of your wedding day.


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