Raymond & Martha’s Soft Pink Wedding, Harare, Zimbabwe

Raymond and Martha are very cute together. They live in America, and have two of the cutest children together, and decided to have their wedding back in Zimbabwe where they both come from. “There’s no place like home” as the saying goes, but they have certainly made America their home away from home, and are bringing up their gorgeous kids there.

I always admire couples who have their wedding in a country other than where they live, I know first hand how difficult it can be, but Martha and Ray just did it with such ease, and a smile on their face. They are such a divine couple to work with and so easy going. During the couple shoot, there was a lot of dust, but this didn’t perturb them, they were just happy to be alone together and loving each other. :)

Thanks to Kate van Onselen for joining me to second shoot. Fabulous company, and awesome to work together as a team! We had fun times! :)

View from the venue!

Kate took this photo of me and *my excitement* showing them the shot below!

There’s always a little bit of chaos when getting kiddies in a shot, but how cute is this chaos!!

The coolest first dance – Raymond throwing money at his bride!! :)

Second Shooter: Kate Van Onselen, Studio Kovo

Venue: Taman Kosas

5 Responses to “Raymond & Martha’s Soft Pink Wedding, Harare, Zimbabwe”

  1. Gail Clinton

    Gorgeous wedding,couple and kids,all perfectly captured by you, as always. Good work Lani!

  2. Joyce

    Photos tell a thousand words and they also leave a lasting impression on life’s memories. These are beautiful memories well captured. Impressive work.

  3. Elmarie

    The series of photo’s you have here tells a beautiful story of what makes a wedding – family, friends, moments of chaos and the most beautiful location. it completes the series to include the landscape photo


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