Three little girls chasing chickens

I met these little girls, I knew we’d get awesome shots. They are so pretty and each of them has a naughty little smile so I knew if I asked them to play in the leaves, they would do it without hesitation. Climbing on the jungle gym was easy, then came the rolling in the “hay” and then they wanted to chase some chickens.

I just love how kids are with their parents – they are their world. And the cutest moment happened when Dad arrived and the whole shoot stopped so they could run and greet him and tell him all about their photo shoot! :)

The twins reminded me of Dirk’s twin sisters and how they would have been as little girls. Something that made me chuckle is that twins always seem to be called both names because you can’t tell who is who, so it becomes a double barrel name – Elmie-Linkie or Meg-Emma :)



3 Responses to “Three little girls chasing chickens”

  1. Elmarie

    Lana you have shot some beautiful photos. the sequence of the 3 granddaughters with their grandmother is made me smile when you mentioned the double barrel names, its so true. Elmie-Linkie

  2. Annalene

    Hehe love the double barrel name comment! Looks like a cool family, good shoot Lana! Linkie-Elmie

  3. Gail Clinton

    what a gorgeous family-such sweet little girls-you’ve certainly captured their cuteness!No wonder Mom+Dad are so proud(it shows)


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