Wedding Tips: Help a Bride Out


They are your best friends, your sisters, your cousins, your confidants.

Pick them because of these attributes. Not because you feel bad for not picking them. This is a big decision and they are there to help you in much of your planning, cutting, sticking, throwing of parties, handing of tissues, consoling, talking some sense into you when you thought you had none left, reminding you why you’re getting married and of course celebrating your wedding.

They are there for you on your day, so if you find yourself picking lots of people who you “think you had better ask” – you may end up with 20 bridesmaids who only want to look prettier than you do, or who makes a fuss of themselves. I have seen some chaos when there are too many “not so interested” bridesmaids.

In saying this, if you have 20 close friends or family who you have dreamt of being your bridesmaids and they are all there for YOU, then 20 pairs of hands to stick & cut and 20 different hugs can be awesome!!

At the end of the day – choose wisely & you will have an AWESOME wedding experience with them by your side! :)

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  1. linda

    thanks for the tip, its difficult when you are trying to be diplomatic esp with family…xx!!


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