Wedding Tips – Help a Bride Out

So the big day has arrived! It’s a day you’ve waited and planned for a long time.

You wake up, open the curtains, and it’s gloomy, stormy & (excuse the french) peeing down with rain.

Your heart sinks.

Don’t let an “act of God” (what the insurance companies call it) ruin your wedding day.

Make sure that you plan for a back up plan. If it’s an out door wedding, make sure you are able to move inside and make sure you have enough man power to do this for you so you are not the one with curlers in your hair lugging chairs, flowers and ribbons into a covered area.

Once the back up plan is in motion don’t stress about your guests. People don’t mind getting a bit wet,  and once there is food & booze in their bellies, it really doesnt matter.

Now for you and your mind set… what about the photos?! What about my hair? What about my dress? My SHOES!!

These are valid concerns – believe me I know from first hand that my hair turns to frizz at the sight of a rain cloud, but at the end of the day, it’s a day about love, emotion, friendship, laughter and fun. And besides, I can bet your bottom dollar that your husband will love you & think you’re gorgeous even with the bit of frizz. If you have a professional wedding photographer, they will know how to get awesome shots, even IN the rain or they’ll find a spot which is covered but just as awesome. A happy bride is soooo much sexier and more gorgeous standing in the rain, than a grumpy, sad bride standing underneath the edge of the roof.

If your shoes can NOT get wet, take them off – I just love a bride with no shoes – or bring gumboots. You can get such pretty ones these days plus you can zhoozh them up in your colours.

I’ll leave you with a shot of a couple who were so in love and happy on their wedding day that they kinda forgot it was raining, and we did most of their shots in the rain.


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  1. Gail Clinton

    Still don’t believe you that frizz in the hair won’t ruin your wedding day! But sure you could work your magic on the bride and make her look gorgeous anyway!


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