Travels & Jet lag

With only 5 days with our feet back on South African soil after 3 and half weeks travelling America (most of it being in the air!) jet lag is slowly going away. I always thought it was a “myth” – but it really isn’t. We were beyond tired when we landed & the will to stay awake during the day and reset our body clocks was extremely difficult.

Thank goodness we didn’t feel this way while in America, though I think on my part, I was running on adrenalin and excitement for a lot of the trip. Landing in New York was surreal. I felt like I was in a movie for most of the time we were there. The cityscape is something you have to see in real life and the “city that never sleeps” is truly amazing. It’s crazy, exciting, fun, frustrating – all at the same time. The only escape from the craziness is Central Park – it is calm, quiet & freeing.

We met & reconnected with incredible people along the way & American people are generous, hospitable, kind & caring and we were truly blessed by the kindness & love we felt while there.

With loads of emails to catch up on and tons of holiday photos to edit, I will leave you with a sneak preview & I promise to be blogging more stories & photos of the trip.

Thanks to my potential clients & clients for your patience in waiting for my reply to your emails.

Let the wedding season begin ! :)


Craziness of Time Square the first night we arrived. We were just another tourist.

Oh, the Yellow taxis of New York.

As you look up in Manhattan – this is what you see.

Central Park in the middle of a concrete jungle.

One of my favourite places in this world would have to be the beautiful Grand Canyon. Truly God’s presence is here.

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  1. Gail Clinton

    Lovely photos Lan. Can’t wait to hear you tales of travel when you come home for a few days!


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