In the Streets of Sandton, Couple Shoot, Johannesburg

I am privileged to meet some awesome individuals. These two were spectacular! In preparation for their wedding shoot, Megan and Gareth braved the streets of Sandton for their engagement shoot. The wind howling, 5 oclock traffic zooming past them, lots of people bustling around catching taxis and buses, but in this chaos, we found some serene moments where it was almost like it was just the two of them. You know those moments in the movies where there’s so much going on around, but it’s silent. I think looking at how these two are with each other and how much passion they have for each other, that’s what happens….it’s just the two of them and nothing else matters.

Pure love right there. :)



6 Responses to “In the Streets of Sandton, Couple Shoot, Johannesburg”

  1. Megan

    Absolutely loved the pics and the guest book we put them in! Thank you so much, Alana! We had an awesome time :-)

  2. Moira Henning

    Totally awesome. I am so proud of them. You really captured their joy!
    Love the pics. I was surprised at their choice of venue but it worked so well and they do live in Jo’Burg!!! Can’t wait for the wedding pics. Alana you are soooo good!


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