Lillian & Tonderai’s Wedding, Johannesburg, South Africa

This wedding was full of excitement and fun. There was a guest list of 500 people, so excitement was running high, there was lots of bustling around while Lillian got ready and once she was dressed, she had an aura around her which created serenity. She moved with such elegance and everyone just stopped and stared. Tonderai was the happiest man when he saw his bride, but the cutest moment was when he got ready for the kiss. He rubbed his hands together, took off his jacket (creating lots of drama) and held his bride as he kissed her. The crowd went NUTS! :) So awesome!

Something happened at this wedding which has never happened to me before. There was a game being played on the dance floor as part of the formalities where someone would put down some money and ask a specific person to dance on their own. If that person refused, they would have to double the money. So … while Gena and I were photographing, all over a sudden, someone requested the photographers to go up and dance – Alone! :) My first inner reaction was to freak out & refuse, but decided life is just too short, so we went on, and danced and had a ball while doing it! So at least I can now add dancing to my list of things I do at a wedding :)


Thank you to Gena for shooting with me. Always a pleasure to work with you.

Second Photographer: Gena D Photography

Venue: Yellow Wood Chapel

Dress: Bride & Co

19 Responses to “Lillian & Tonderai’s Wedding, Johannesburg, South Africa”

  1. Gena D

    Alana, what a great wedding – and you did an awesome, awesome job, girl!!!! Many great captures, but loooovvvvin” the last one too!!!!
    Thanks again for the opportunity.
    Lillian and Tonderai – wishing you loads of blessings!!!

  2. Sannah

    Wow, I wish this could be repeated and be repeated- in the name of Love, the photos are great. Alana, you the best. Lil and Tonde, you deserve the best.

  3. Tendai

    Such a blessed union and a beautiful day – your love for each other radiates throughout all these photos. Tonde and Lilian wishing you all the best.

  4. Niederer

    Waaaaaaaal, what a blessed day it was!!! i was next to Tonderai, holding the jacket for my best friend to get a KISS, and ofcoz i also went NUTS!!
    Father may you take this couple into your hands. Help them, O Lord, to keep firm in the commitments they have just made.

  5. Willard Sanyanga

    Brilliant photography. This is lovely. Well done Tonde and Lillian. God bless always

  6. Tinashe & Hazel

    Wow! Nice photos and well done guys. You did it and may the Lord bless this union…

  7. Machoene

    You look so beautiful on your big day Lill! Everything seems to have worked out very well!
    May the Good Lord grant you eternal blessings,love and joy in abundance throughout your marriage life!!!

  8. Esther

    this was an outstanding event makatidadisa askana this was what no eye has seen no ear heard no man imagined ahhhh hey we serve an awesome GOD may HE keep increasing you more and more more than you can contain in JESUS name

  9. Loloe

    Lee and Tonde,Brilliant photography,it was such a beautiful day filled with Love, you really made your parents and everyone proud *the singing & dancing by Family….WOW* It reminded me of where i come from, i pray that you succeed in everything you do together.God Bless!!

  10. lesca hokwana

    what an awesome wedding,i love it very much,and the dress were stunning,may god bless you with many kids@lots of love


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