Tara’s Rustic Elegant Bridal Shower

My sister, Tara, got married this weekend (it was AWESOME!) and so I have been pretty busy with helping out and organising lifts to and from airports and getting her Bridal shower party off without a hitch. I have been planning it for quite some time now, from collecting old tins, to painting to cutting and folding, so to see it all come together was so awesome and I loved every bit of planning, DIYing, designing and arranging flowers. I asked Paul, Tara’s husband (!!) to write out a few things that he loves about her, and I framed them and placed them as part of their decor. It worked quite well. I had so much help on the day from the other bridesmaids and it was so great to see it all finished. I must say it has made me realise how much I love being creative and has sparked a few ideas for the future.

The main thing is, my sister loved her party! It was just a simple lunch, with lots of love, sweetie delights and prettiness all around!

One of the girls there said, “It feels like I need to “pin” it onto my wall!” Haha, don’t you love how Pinterest can be a hot topic when there is lots of prettiness.

Sorry there are not more photos, but my hosting duties took over! Enjoy the photos :)

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