Family Reunions

My mom hadn’t seen her sister in 8 years and recently when my sister had her wedding and with the sad passing of my gran, my aunt decided to come and visit from Australia. It was a fantastic time for them to spend time together, reminisce, laugh and cry together. So together with their brother (my uncle), my dad and my cousin, I did a shoot for them so they could remember this special time spent together. If it’s one thing I’ve learnt with being a photographer, it’s that photographs are so important in ones life. We need them. Of course memories will always be there, but photos are a fresh reminder of the bond between people.

Maybe it’s just that I am a visual person, or maybe I have early signs of alzheimer’s, but I often forget a moment or a memory, but as soon as I see a photo of that time, the whole day comes rushing back to me. I hope this happens for my mom and my Odds whenever they look at these photos.


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  1. Lindy Wilson

    Alana, these are absolutely magnificent….they really are. Well done. I know that it helps when you have stunning subjects…naturally. But, these are really good…of everyone.

  2. CynthiaWilson

    Lani these are fantastic photos – you are very good at what you do well done!


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