Ngaa & Chenge’s Wedding, Harare, Zimbabwe

Chenge and Ngaa were just a dream. We met two days before their wedding, discussed a few details of the day, and they fully trusted me with their special day to make the best decisions for their photos and timeline, and best of all – we got the best light imaginable for their couple shoot as we were scheduled right on time – actually a little early, so we had a little extra couple shoot time. :)

Both of them are such amazing people. Chenge is such a people person and you can tell he loved seeing all his guests & catching up and there wasn’t a moment where he wasn’t chatting to someone. Ngaa is quieter of the two, & you can tell she is determined and a fiercely loyal friend. Her gentle nature is so endearing and she moves so elegantly and has a gracious manner about her.

She really trusted me which was so amazing and makes my job so fulfilling. I suggested that we go outside the venue to have the couple shots as I had spotted some amazing trees and light, and straight away, she agreed without a hint of apprehension. I took them into the middle of some trees which they kind of had to crawl through bushes to get to, but she just smiled and said “The only way to get the right shots is to rough it”. I love that kind of character!:)

My second shooter was Dirk and it really was great to have him to help me and there are some pearlers that he took. He is the best reflector holder I know, and helps me out with the small things, like handing me some water when I think I don’t need it.

Ngaa and Chenge, congratulations on a beautiful day!

Man they are soo cute!

One of Dirk’s photos :)

Oh I *heart* bridal portraits!


Another great photo by Dirk! You can just see the excitement on her little face before she walks down the aisle :)

Oh my word – she is just the most beautiful bride.


Gotta love “Blue steel”!


Service Providers:

Venue: Pabani

Videographer: Greer Wynn

22 Responses to “Ngaa & Chenge’s Wedding, Harare, Zimbabwe”

  1. Gail Clinton

    Awsome, awsome!!You’ve captured every aspect of the wedding-this is amazing.What a lovely wedding,and I love the little boys,they’re SO cute.Beautiful bride too.Love the grooms attire,it’s all so well thought out.

  2. Foster

    I attended so many weddings in December but Chenge and Nga’s was arguably the best, by far. Well done colleagues for such a memorable day. To Nga pse look after Chenge and bring out the best in him. All the best is wished for you guys! Be blessed.

  3. makie mbanje

    wow, absolutely amazing…lost for words
    Alana you really captured moments to remember .. thank u
    Ngaa and Chenge, best wedding of 2012
    Love u guys

  4. Taurai Dhliwayo

    My pool of words to describe woh good the pics r is very limited sorry for that. Hearts were put fully in for the wedding from all angles in every aspect such that there is no need for more wording.

  5. Elle Gonyora

    Absolutely beautiful! The moments were so well captured and I just had a good time at one of my best friends’ wedding. Congratulations Ngaa and Chenge, Ngaa, umychengete murume iyeye :-)

  6. Tetiwe

    Wow hey normally we go basic and cheap but this i like and this just shows that when u do it right you do it once….. happy happy and beautiful

  7. Ngaa Gumbeze

    I’m glad I trusted you Alana, you have really delivered, now we have such lovely memories, the pics are amazing, big thanks to you and Dirk xo

  8. Tetiwe

    Ngaa on all these photo’s you both dont look freaked out at all.Alana we are all following Ngaa by choosing you.AWESOME , i was there but saw a glimpse with my naked eye but u took the beauty of it all..

  9. samantha

    well done cuz and well done mrs ngaa gumbeze. alana, aonce again excellent work and thanks for capturing me and the dude. you rock. wish you all the best cuz and ngaa.

  10. Charity Ndlovu

    Congrats Chenge and Ngaa’, the wedding pics are so-o-o beautiful. All this surely designed in heaven. May the Almighty God continue to pour his blessings over you forever and ever Amen.

  11. Kristy Gray

    I love the photos with the cycad and ferns in the background. The colours of the leaves brings out the colours of their clothes… And their names written on the dance floor – what a brilliant idea!!!

  12. Chenge

    Wow! Totally amazing. Much was expected of you and you delivered well above my wildest expectations. Very impressed with your work Alana, can’t wait to see the rest. Keep up the good work. My sincere thanks to you and Dirk for being part of our big day…

  13. Nyasha Vambe

    Woah! Beautiful people, the colours, it was a perfect day. Lovely pics Ngaa, you guyz are a perfect match. Bigup to you both. Welldone

  14. Tafadzwa

    Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I could comment on every single one. The first lady was just radiant. Makorokoto makurutu!

  15. melody gonyora

    Chenge hanzvadzi wow lovely pictures, absolutely beautiful. Ngaa and Chenge may God bless and keep u in perfect peace and love forever! *hugs and lots of love*

  16. Lara Janine Mordt

    So so beautiful Ngaa!!! I think I made a comment earlier and said CONGRATULATIONS to you both but wow! These photos are really great ALana! xxx Love them


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