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Wedding Traditions

All cultures have wedding traditions. Some are more forced upon us than others, and some may be really obscure that you couldn’t imagine doing at your own wedding, but your family insist on it.

This is a time for compromise. Remember that this is YOUR day and it is meant to make you and your fiance happy. Also remember though, that these traditions may have been in your family for years and will make your parents happy (or whoever may be forcing it upon you) If you feel strongly that it  is something you wouldn’t want to do at your wedding, then don’t do it. Stick to what you want and try to put out fires by talking about why you don’t want to do it instead of fighting about it and adding fuel to the fire. Usually when someone understands why you don’t want it, there is a little more acceptance.

Weddings have evolved over the years and breaking tradition almost seems to be the norm. However, you also want happy family members so to keep people happy, there has got to be a bit of give and take from both sides. Remember that when you are a parent and suddenly your daughter wants a wacky wedding with no tradition whatsoever, you will need to assume the roll of acceptance, but you would hope your daughter would take a bit of advice and also have a little bit of wedding tradition.

At the end of the day, this is a happy time in your life, so try to avoid fighting over these things – rather talk about them and give each other a chance to explain your side.


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