Wedding Winners, JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas, Cullinan, South Africa

Last year I held a “Win a wedding competition” and here is the couple who won! Are they not just the cutest couple you have seen!

My heart was so happy that I could do this for them. When I first met them, they told me their side of the story when they heard that they had won. Juanita said she jumped up and let out a squeal and phoned Arno immediately & he said that he couldn’t believe it, as he never wins anything. You can see their engagement shoot photos here.

Their venue was set in the quaint little town of Cullinan at the venue, JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. It’s quirky and different from the norm and recycled objects have been turned into artwork. The mirrors on the wall reflect the chandelier lightings beautifully and there isn’t a spot on the wall that hasn’t got artwork, or old tins or mugs hanging.

I love a happy bride – and Juanita was 110% happy on her wedding day. Nothing could get her down and her excitement was extremely contagious! When I had just finished photographing her dress and details, she was like “Can I get dressed?” and when I said yes, she jumped up and down clapping her hands with glee. At that moment I knew what a treat I was in for. Her smile is so beautiful and real and her bubbly character so easy and fun to work with. Arno is so incredibly genuine and real. His character, gentle and loving, and after one afternoon spent with them while searching for spots to photograph for the wedding, and I could tell how madly in love they are with each other.

I was in love while editing these photos, so I hope they are as swoon-worthy to you as they are to me. :) Enjoy…

Juanita wrote a love letter to Arno which he read before the wedding… so romantic.

How amazing is this ring – from 1926 :)

Oh Juanita, you are so beautiful!

Service Providers:

Wedding Venue: JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas

Accommodation Venue: Gastehys JanHarmsgat

Videographer: Bravo Thatcher

3 Responses to “Wedding Winners, JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas, Cullinan, South Africa”

  1. Jen

    What absolutely divine photos!! Aren’t you a lucky photographer to have such a gorgeous couple and wedding for you competition winners! Beautiful, so much happiness and love in these pics.

  2. Tanja

    Amazing, amazing, amazing photos!!! Alana, you are such a talented photographer who is passionate about photos, which is truly reflected in the stunning photos you took of of my awesome brother and his awesome wife!! Arno & Juanita looked stunning, the venue was amazing, the wedding was great and the photos beautiful. xxx

  3. Gena D

    Oh my word Alana – wow, wow, wow – what an amazing wedding, so beautifully captured. You did such an excellent job girlfriend! Feeling soooo proud of you and your work!!! G xxx


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