Wild Geese Wedding

Tari and Heydon’s Wild Geese Wedding was an absolutely spectacular day. I felt an immediate connection with them the moment I met them and I knew we were in for a treat of a day.

I was also so excited to see Zillah from Tangerine Company doing the flowers – she and I always have fat chats while she is setting up and me following closely taking photos of her masterpiece.

And then I met some avid followers of my blog – Tari’s bridesmaids. :) I was asked about my daughter and my dogs and in a funny way, it felt like we were long lost pals catching up. The bridal team were a dream to photograph – hello…have you seen these ladies – they are drop dead gorgeous, plus they had me in stitches with all their jokes.

Of  course the highlight of the day was the bride, Tari.

She looked like  an angel. She almost floated in her dress as she regally walked around.  She has such a gentle, loving nature, which shines through making her even more beautiful.

I always love seeing the grooms reaction as the bride enters, but Heydon’s face takes the cake…pure pride, love and emotion written all over. (my heart melted!)

It really was such a special day spent capturing Heydon and Tari’s day.

Enjoy the photos xxx

Tari and Heydon's Wild Geese Wedding Tari and Heydon's Wild Geese Wedding Wild Geese Wedding


Venue:Wild Geese Lodge

Makeup: Makeup by Gamu

Hair: Hair by Anesu

Florist: Tangerine Company


6 Responses to “Wild Geese Wedding”

  1. Nyasha

    ALANAAAAAA!!!!!! Thank you, AT LAST! We are still floating on air from this day. Thank you for capturing all these moments. Zillah, Anesu, GAMU… Thank you Ladies. What a precious time with family and friends! The Bridesmaids formed a beautiful bond and we are forever ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. Counting down to the next one!
    Thank you Tari and Heydon maka tiunganidza. So proud of you xx
    Above all, Thank You, God

  2. Tsungai Mutongwizo

    Amazing work, Alana! You captured Tari and Heydon’s day Perfectly! I’m Tari’s sister and bridesmaid and your photos added to our feeling of nostalgia-wishing every Saturday was the wedding. You are now officially our family’s wedding (and newborn, HINT HINT) photographer. Frozen in time, is our connection, intimacy, vulnerability and family pride- 2 families uniting and our hope for the newlyweds. Thank you for reflecting our best and rawest emotions!

  3. Gail Clinton

    What a spectacular wedding, everything was just perfect and beautiful+you’ve captured it all!

  4. Tari & Heydon

    Alana, you’re a dream to work with! You captured all our special moments so beautifully. We thank God for your remarkable talent which will allow us to forever relive this day. Having you, Zillah (what a lovely lady – we see how you’re friends!), Gamu, Anesu, PictureHubZim and Nicolle from Wild Geese Lodge on our side helped us make this the day we wanted it to be. Priceless! Thank you :)

  5. Aloe-fleur

    OMG OMG OMG! Thanks so much, Alana! It was the best day and YOU’VE taken the photos that captured the best moments! Words can’t EXPRESS how amazing you are! Our gratitude is NEVER ending! I can tel Aunt Tari and Uncle Heydon are REALLY happy they can relook their special day! Thank you so so much from EVERYONE! ESPECIALLY ME! (A frickin’ 10 year old who eats noodles all the time :D)

  6. Aloe-fleur

    Oh,My,Frickin Vanilla cake! My words tend to FAIL me to help me express my gratitude to you, Alana! You’re the best photographer EVER! You’re so nice, kind and funny! Now we can remember that very special day because of you! Keep up the good work! Aunt Tari and Uncle Heydon’s wedding was a really special day, and you captured it at it’s best! Now we can remember this FOREVERRRRRR :3 (And his is coming from a frickin’ 10 year old who makes slme and eats noodles :D) Thank you SO SOS SO SO MUCHHH!


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