miracle of life

Miracle of life

The Miracle of life is something to not take advantage of.

This beautiful family have become a close connection to my heart over the years. I first met Justine at my first Zimbabwean wedding that I photographed and her company, Vela Creative, was coordinating it. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever photographed and we met in the whirlwind and chaos that is a wedding day. I was running around photographing the evening and she was running around coordinating food, waitors, drinks, lights, cake, music…. We said hello and tried to talk, but she was quickly pulled away and I was looking out for moments to photograph, so we went along with our duties for the night.

Little did I know at the time that she would become a wonderful friend of mine.

She and her husband had opened a gorgeous wedding venue, Bushman Rock, and they were very busy with bookings, and I was humbled when she started referring me to her Zimbabwe wedding couples. The more I came to Zimbabwe to photograph weddings with Justine, the more we connected, and we started to organise to see each other on a social level, not just working at weddings.

When she fell pregnant with her first baby girl, I photographed her maternity shoot at the magical Bushman Rock.  This wonder woman continued with booking and coordinating weddings even with her baby, and I was always in awe of how she did it. I have watched little M grow up and when I had my daughter, they met out at Bushman Rock, where we had met all those years ago. :)

Now, Justine and Jono have just been blessed with their second little boy. He came into this world, so fiercely loved by his mommy and daddy. It was a mother’s love, so pure and deep, and with a longing to be with him and hold him and keep him in her arms, and a dad who held him on his chest the whole time while he waited for his mommy’s first touch, and this, was their miracle of life, in more ways than one.

Love you Justine xxx

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