FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding photos.

Sometimes people have similar questions to ask, please see if I can answer what’s on your mind in my FAQs.

If it’s not here, please contact me. No question is too silly.

1. Check if I'm available

2. Contact me either through the Contact Me page, or Prices and Packages page.

3. Wait for me to reply with my prices & Terms and Conditions.

4. Read & sign Terms and Conditions

5. Wait to receive an invoice from me via email.

6. Pay non-refundable 50% booking fee of the chosen package. Please note it is only reserved once I receive booking fee.

7. Your date is booked with me! Tick me off your wedding to-do list.

I only book up to 12 months in advance. Saturdays and popular dates (April, August, September & December) are the first dates to get booked up, so drop me a mail as soon as you can.

Please contact me to check my availability.

Yes, you need to pay a non-refundable 50% booking fee of the chosen package in order to reserve the date with me.

Yes, I do. However, since becoming a mom, I now limit my travelling.

I cover your wedding alone. Call me a control freak, or a detail nazi, but I always like to know that I have the shot in the bag. I work with you to schedule in time for shooting elements of your day and depending which package you chose, time allowing, I will be able to shoot your whole day up to the end of formalities. If you want a second photographer, it will cost extra.

I absolutely do. I have two camera's on me the whole day, plus several lenses and two speedlights and numerous batteries.

I shoot with Canon gear -

5D mark iii, 7D, 24-70mmL series 2.8, 70-200mmL series 2.8, 50mmL series 1.2, 85mm 1.8, 100mmL series 2.8, 580 EXii, 430 EXii.

I would love to see your colours and decor ideas for your wedding day + what inspires you, but I don't carry along a shot list on the day. I find it hinders my creativity if I need to keep referring back to a shot list & recreating a particular shot from Pinterest almost always doesn't work as most elements may not be present. ie. the wind wasn't blowing like in the photo or the light was different.

Yes I do. I recommend we focus on close immediate family first including mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandma, grandpa. Time usually does not allow us to capture every combination of extended family. I also take candid shots of guests throughout the day.

Unfortunately not. I take natural and candid moments of your guests whilst listening to speeches, and in between meals while they are chatting and having a good time. I don't do individual table shots as I find this is time consuming to carve out time in the evening for each guest to be present at the table, when I could be getting natural, fun photos of the guests. Many times, some guests are at the bar, or on the toilet or having a smoke, so they miss the photo and it then takes time to go back to that table when they are present again. If you would like all your guests to be captured, then I suggest you book a photobooth for during the reception.

If there's one thing we can't control, it's the weather (though I always send a little prayer up for clear skies before a wedding) I always say to my clients who have booked during rainy season, to be brave if it rains. Some of the best photos I have taken are in the rain. Imagine moody skies, drizzle in the background, puddles. If it is torrential rain however, then we will need to have photos inside the venue, so my suggestion is to book a wedding venue with an indoor area where we can have some intimate shots.

It is a good idea that you have chat to them before your wedding day, and tell them that the photography is very important to you on the day. Sometimes the photographer will not be allowed on the alter, and I am very respectful & aware of the sanctity of this. I am respectful of the ceremony especially during the sermon, but I will need to move around in order to capture the vows, exchanging of the rings and kiss. I may not able to capture a specific angle or moment due to the restrictions put on me by the officiant which is why it would be important to check this with your pastor.

My timeline to get images back to my clients is 6-8 weeks, for the digital images, and an additional 4-8 weeks for the album. Sometimes this time is shorter if you give me the album feedback quickly.

No. Photography isn't a commodity and every photographer has a point of differentiation, level of standard and quality level. If I matched prices, I would have to cut corners, and that would take away from getting you the best results.

Unfortunately I never hand over the RAW images. It is an unfinished art form - it's almost like Picasso handing over an unfinished painting.

No. If he/she wasn’t in the photos unfortunately I can’t photoshop her into the photos. My main aim is to capture the real moments and not alter them by use of manipulating programs. I am happy to get a photo of you with him/her later in the day if she was not around, but I don’t photoshop in people/things to photos.

One of the best things you can do on your wedding day is hire a professional makeup artist. She will know how to cover up blemishes amazingly. If there is a pesky little blemish that shows up later in the day, I will remove it from your close up portraits of you.

I don’t photoshop out double chins. I will rather pose you in such a way that your chin is not made to look large & remember the simple action of putting your head up, your shoulders back and chest out does wonders to your face shape, your chin and your posture – remember this for your day. :)

If you are self conscious of your arms or back, I suggest a little bolero to cover your shoulders. You can get beautiful sheer lace ones these days which are not too hot to wear and they are really “in” at the moment.

If time permits and they get ready close by to you, then I can fit it in. If they are getting ready far away, then unfortunately I won’t be able to photograph you both.

It is so important for your florist or coordinator to make sure that the décor is ready by the time I am there to photograph the ceremony or reception décor as I will have a limited amount of time allocated to photograph these details. If it is not complete, I will capture what I can and only later once the formal photos are finished can I capture the completed décor. My suggestion is to then ask the coordinator to keep guests out of the room until I have photographed the room.

Some people underestimate how long it takes to do a photo session. Let's start from the top:
Family photos usually take about 20-30 minutes - Everyone is excited, congratulating each other, laughing, hugging, talking, catching up...in this mix of excitement, we must get the family combination shot list done. Depending how many people you have included in this session, it can take longer. Remember I don't just dump people into a photo - each combination of people requires me to pose you (this is about 1-2minutes per combination)
Sometimes we also need to wait for Aunty as she ran to the ladies bathroom. This all adds on time.
Next, if you have a bridal party, you will want a couple of fun photos with your girls or boys with different combinations. We usually change up the location, so to either walk or drive to a different location can add on 10minutes. Again, I will place each of you into position. This can take about 20minutes.
Finally it is time for your couple shoot. I've chatted to my past clients, and they have told me that their couple session was some of their most treasured and special moments of the day. It is a time that you get to be alone, just the two of you (and me!) and you can have some very precious moments spent with each other. I also find that in the beginning of the photo shoot, some people are little anxious and not as natural as when they start getting used to it and this is when the magic starts happening and that kiss on the forehead is not staged but an absolutely natural moment. You will be chatting and laughing and time flies so I always suggest scheduling extra time just in case as if things run late, then you won't have the time to pick up. Logistics also play a part in the couple shoot (walking/driving to different spots) My suggestion is set aside at least 45minutes for this.

My main concern is that you have a memorable and happy experience on your wedding day. You need to feel comfortable with me and I want you enjoy each and every moment of your day.
The next most important thing to me as a photographer, is light. The quality of light directly affects the quality of photos. I am constantly searching for good light on your wedding day. To ensure you have good light, you can also help by choosing a well-lit venue and plan your wedding timeline according to the light and sunset, and also by making sure your wedding does not run late and losing our available light.
Lastly, trust that I am there to capture your special day as it will go by so quickly. So much time and planning has gone into your day, so try not to sweat the small things, and just be in the moment. Don't worry what may happen, just be present and take it all in. :)

Fabulous! I would also like to meet. If you can't come through to me, no problem - we can organise a Skype meeting and arrange a virtual meet up. Everything else can be done via email and my website.