Cheeky dog

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Cassie Dog Blog: For some reason Mom keeps calling me Cheeky…I’m like MOM, my name isn’t Cheeky – it’s Cassie! It’s normally when she wants me to go and do a wee, and I point blank refuse coz it’s not what I wanna do, so I stare at her in the hopes she’ll just give me some space. It usually doesn’t work coz she stares back and DOESN’T blink…kinda scary. Do any other pups out there have that same problem? Other times she calls me Cheeky is when I bite her toes, (They’re nice and meaty, a bit like a bone.) or when I do NOT want to go to sleep – duh, the toy is way more fun at 10 oclock at night with an audience!


It’s food time, gotta dash, but I’ll leave you with the face that she calls “Cheeky” (ahh, it’s Cassie ok!!)

4 Responses to “Cheeky dog”

  1. Gail Clinton

    what a spoilt little pup!And we thought you’d be the real disciplinarian!hahaha!

  2. Louise

    I am sure I can guess who is in control here. Pity you live so far away else we could arrange for a Play Date!


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