Thoughts from Cassie

I’ve been here 2 weeks now, and I think that I’m settling in nicely – I’m thinking of my sisters & brothers less and less everyday. I have a fluffy toy which mom (the strict one) makes warm for me at night. I also have some balls, a chewy rope and green chewy toy. My favourite is the thing that sweeps away dust…it’s such fun to chase around and hold onto!

Dad (the fun one) lets me sit on his lap on the couch and I love falling asleep with him, but mom (the strict one) doesn’t allow it…but when I look at her and curl my ears forward, she makes a fuss of me and I get away with a few more things – not sure what I’m doing, but it’s obviously cute so I’ll carry on doing it!

Mom and Dad are quite strict where my loo is. Not too sure why…but they seem to think that the grass is a good place to go & do my business because everytime I do, I get a snack… that’s pretty yummy!

I’ve met lots of their friends, and even some other dogs, but the most weird encounter I had this week was with a big funny looking bird, (I heard mom call it Hardeedar) It has a wierd long nose thing, scaly legs and it FLIES!! I chased it away though, so I think it’s scared of me! :) I also learnt some trick that allows me to get some more treats … they tell me to put my bum on the ground (it’s called sit) and lift my paw, and voila, I get a treat. These humans are quite strange, but I do love them!

I’m tired now so I’m going to go and rest my paws.

Later… Cassie dog xxx

5 Responses to “Thoughts from Cassie”

  1. MarleneJury

    What fun to read about Cassie. Loved it. Look forward to the next adventure. xx

  2. Gail Clinton

    This is just the cutest picture Lan! She looks thoroughly spoilt and very comfortable! She is just so gorgeous and wish I could dog sit for you. Don’t believe you are that strict with her!

  3. Louise

    Alana you and Dirk are blessed to have such a special “child” – the pics say it all. It’s a dog’s life!

  4. Jen Hume

    So so cute, Lans!!! :) You’re awesome parents… there always has to be the good cop and the bad cop! Moms are generally the bad cop ‘cos they’re around the most!

  5. Karen

    She is simply adorable!! I need a picture of her on Dirk’s lap on the couch!! I know you are both wonderful “puppy parents”!! So proud!! Have fun! XXOO


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