Big dog in a little dog’s body

It’s the DOG BLOG!

It’s been a while – and it’s coz Mom has been so busy and hasn’t let me write my normal updates. So I’ve finally got the desk to myself.

Sometimes I think I was supposed to have been born a big dog – maybe I’ll still grow but my legs don’t seem to be getting much longer, just my body. I can tackle and wrestle with the big dogs much better than small dogs my size. The saying “Pick on someone your own size” applies here – I like the challenge of biting and gnawing on big dogs ears and feet. It’s fun!

As you can see, big dog (my friend Zac) had little dog’s head (me) in mouth, but don’t worry, fans, I turned it around and attacked him on top and after that, we were friends again. (notice size difference!)

Anyway, Dad seems to like the camera too sometimes and while I was lying with mom in the sun (so awesome coz then I could bite her ears and fingers) he took some photos of me. I must say, he didnt exactly get my best angle (my rump) while I was on guard.

This is my sitting position – which they call a squat!

Getting annoyed – so I turned my back in the hopes it would all stop.

All in a days work…

I gotta say, much love is in my life, but seriously, who could resist my face ? :)

Mom and Dad keep saying I’m embarking on an epic journey soon – something about travelling to Zimbabwe and then having a holiday in Cape Town? Well, I’m not sure how far these places are, but I’ll enjoy the ride :)

Peace out.

3 Responses to “Big dog in a little dog’s body”

  1. Kerry

    Love the dog blog!!! She is looking SO cute. Cant believe the one picture where Zak has her head in his mouth. Wow!!

  2. Gail Clinton

    oh,Lani,Cassie is just so sweet-can’t wait to meet her,only a day to go…


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