Lauren’s Surprise

It had been kept a big secret.

Noone was to let out a peep.

Lies had been constructed and layered one on top of the other and everyone was starting to forget which lie they had told to who.

All this scheming was for Lauren’s baby shower. She is expecting her first in September, and not only was the date kept a surprise, but her mom and sister, her in-laws and sister-in-law had all flown in to surprise her for her baby shower.

It was a bit of a rocky start to her weekend though, as she had been robbed and all her photos (including her preggy-belly-a-month photos) and her camera equipment and some other valuables had been stolen. Doesn’t it just make you so mad that these guys got away with that, as those are memories which you can’t get back. Her good friend Sally asked me to photograph the party and I only hope that these photos will cheer you up a little, Lauren, and they will be a new start to building your photo collection again. :)

Baby shower party 3 Baby shower party Baby shower party


Baby shower party photography  

Baby shower party

8 Responses to “Lauren’s Surprise”

  1. Lauren Abdo

    Lans! These are fabulous!
    Cant wait to see the rest of them.

    You are a magician behind the lense.

    Thank you for capturing this awesome day!!

  2. . Dorothy Wynne

    How stunning that you could be there with your magic lens. You’re a star. Thank you so much.

  3. Jen Hume

    These are beautiful, Lans, so well captured! After looking at them, felt like I’d been there. :)


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