The Eastwood Blondies

I had the privilege of shooting the Eastwood family portraits recently and we had a blast! Little Jamie is such a bundle of energy and fun and she decided she was having none of my camera. She just wanted to chase me and then I had to chase her. In between these moments, I managed to snap some cute ones of her and her sister, Charlee and their beautiful mom and dad, Bernice and Tim.

Chocolate is a great enticer (or rather bribery) to get kids to sit for the camera – when Dad arrived, chocolate was the order of the day, and Jamie sat, happy as a lark, chomping on some choccie – once it was finished, she was up with regained energy, ready to chase the woman with a camera.

I’m so in love these shots of this beautiful family – I’m sure you’ll agree how these blondies steal your heart!

4 Responses to “The Eastwood Blondies”

  1. Louise

    Absolutely stunning – but then what do you expect from such a talented lady! :-)

  2. Bronwyn Eastwood

    Stunning!!! Well done Alana and Berns you guys are just all too gorgeous xxx


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