Cassie does Cape Town

*Sound of the ocean in the background*

*View of Table Mountain*

Cape Town. I think this is my final destination of all the travels I’ve done in the last few weeks. I’ve spent endless hours in the car…in a little space…cooped up – I thought I would spend forever in the car. (how could mom and dad do that to me!) First – I went to place called Zimbabwe - it had a big garden, lots of cats to chase and a buffet of food that I could pick from. My grandmama also always fed me lots of snacks – all I had to do was show my puppy eyes!!

THEN, we upped and left that wonderful place and got in the car again.

Off we went, on the road again, stopping off in little towns and then finally arriving in Cape Town. It should really be called “Sand Town” - everywhere I look there is sand. It stretches forever on both sides and I can run until my heart almost stops!  There is salty water there too – pretty grose when you take a sip. So to all you pups out there travelling to Cape Town, watch out for the water – it looks tempting to drink, but it’s salty and these things called waves can knock you over if you’re not careful. What’s the point in lots of water that you can’t even drink?!

Anyway, I’ve met lots of other dogs who sometimes play a bit rough, but they are usually more interested in the beach than me. I also find lots of cool things in the sand – tennis balls, boots, shells, rocks – all are great to chew on, eat and swallow. ;) Mom tries to catch me but she’s so slow on the beach!

It’s late and my little paws are tired from my long walk on the beach.

Lekker slaap  (I’ve picked up new Cape Town lingo.)

There’s me cooped up in the car!!

I found if I leap in the sand – it’s easier to go fast! 

I was scenting some sea weed – mmm, smells so yummy that I roll in it!

Chasing Dad – but he’s so slow that it’s like a slow trot! :)


8 Responses to “Cassie does Cape Town”

  1. Annalene

    wow! thats so great Lans you guys are so lucky to have a great dog like Cassie :)

  2. Gail Clinton

    I miss Cassie so much – and you 2 as well! Such lovely pictures Lani – so glad you and Dirk (and Cassie) had a great time


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