The Winner

In May I launched my new website and held a competition where you could win $150 and a photo shoot. Louise Griggs won the competition. She has been following my photography for a while and was one of the first people who entered the competition. It all worked out fabulously as she is based in Zimbabwe and I was photographing a wedding there, so we ended up syncing the two in one trip.
Louise decided she wanted a couple shoot with her husband, Andy, who she’s been married to for 13 years and the last time they had a proper photo shoot was on their wedding day. What a lovely couple they are – so down to earth, friendly and welcoming.

Dirk and I arrived at their house, met them, and as the sun was starting to go down, we rushed to Gosho Park (a gorgeous game park near to where they stay)

Louise warned me that she doesn’t like the camera but I don’t know why because her and Andy were so natural and like young lovers, giggling and kissing each other and saying ‘I love you’ to each other – very sweet.

Something I’m not used to is being in front of the camera. I enjoy telling people how to pose and enjoy seeing the results, but when I’m in front of the camera – it feels odd. And this is what happened on this shoot. While I was shooting them, Dirk decided to photograph me photographing Louise and Andy. I was busy shooting when suddenly I realised my second camera was on me. I tried not to let it bug me and carried on with shooting. Something interesting I noticed while going through the photos of me (!) was how I didn’t care where I was or what position I was in or how I looked while I had the camera. Normally I would never crawl into a grassy patch with potential snakes or spiders or bugs hiding, but when you want the right shot, you forget about all these things! :)

Enjoy the photos Louise and Andy.

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  1. Louise

    Alana – thank you so much. These are so special. Dirk well done! Some very special “Alana” pictures.

  2. Louise

    … just love the one where Alana is hiding in the adrenalin grass – just like a lion!


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