I {heart} Body Thrills

Just recently I took on a project which is a little different from what I normally do but I like to try new things and push my boundaries as well as help people if I can.

When Tamaryn (founder and owner of Body Thrills) contacted me, she was publishing her new website and new labels for a fresh new look. She has an online store now so the products had to be represented in a professional new way. The products look so awesome with all the ingredients inside and make you want to indulge in them. Something which I totally love about all the flavours is that when you read the label “Pina Colada” or “Citrus Explosion” – you think, “OOh, I wonder what that will smell like” and as you take a sniff – it’s like “Ahhh! That’s exactly what it smells like!!”

The one morning, Tam came round, and she showed me how she makes the products and what ingredients go into what and it really was fascinating to learn all about what properties are good for your skin and why. She recommended some products for me – the Rose and Geranium face wash – which I LOVE! It smells good and my skin feels great afterwards. I’ve got to admit though, that the Body Butter has got to be my favourite! I’m not a huge fan of cream, but oh my word, this body butter makes your skin like silk and lucky me has two flavours – Pina Colada (for a fresh smell) and Cupcake Frosting (for a more sweet smell) I find it’s best after a bath or shower, so I go to bed smelling delicious :)

Go and check out the Body Thrills new website (click here). It is fabulous and it’s not only for women, there’s some products specially for men.

There are some great Christmas specials happening too.


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