Leaver’s Dance Zimbabwe

I was recently contacted to photograph a few school leavers before their dance. It was a School leavers dance in Zimbabwe, however, so I hopped in a car to get there to be the official photographer.

There were a few families with their daughters and sons and it was a non-stop production line. There were two hair dressers, a make up artist and myself as photographer. I even had an assistant – a 13 year old helpful young girl (one of the girls’ sisters) who has totally taken an interest in photography and caught on how to hold the reflector for me after I showed her and was a star act holding my umbrella for me while it drizzled. She asked me questions about photography and why I did the things I did, so I hope I helped her out as much as she did for me. Thanks my little star assistant, Cari!!

It was raining intermittently so we took our opportunity to get the shots while it was clear. I have to say, I had an easy job with all the beautiful girls and good looking guys!

So, Cari, if you ever need a job – you know where to find me :)

I have posted some photos to my Facebook fanpage (click here) so you can go and tag yourself to share with friends and family.

My super star assistant, Cari :)

5 Responses to “Leaver’s Dance Zimbabwe”

  1. Cheryl coetzee

    We were so honoured that you came to take the photos of our childrens leavers. Thanx Lana as we can now start a trend and hopefully you will be able to come up and do this for others…..The photos are abso;utely beautiful :)

  2. Karyn Bradnick

    Thank you for capturing this momentious occasion of our children, they are absolutely fabulous photos and hope there will be many more occasions for you to come to Zim! You are an amazing photographer! xxx

  3. Joanne

    Wow, these gorgeous girls were in D block when I was in Upper 6… I can’t believe how lovely they’ve all turned out! Great photographs, as always!


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