My First photo shoot

It’s funny how what you played as a kid often determines what you will become as an adult.

I was recently taken to Zimbabwe for the weekend for a photo shoot – a school leavers dance (photos to follow soon) and because I grew up in Zimbabwe I was able to stay with my parents in our home. I decided one night while I was there that I was determined to find photographs from my very first photo shoot that I clearly remember doing – with Barbie and Ken! :) I had gotten my first point and shoot Kodak camera for Christmas and in those days, there was no such thing as “digital” – so my poor parents had to develop rolls and rolls of “useless” film that I had taken. My Barbie dolls were my first subjects that I decided to pose and photograph.

After my mom and I had searched through old photos, both of us in hysterics at what we found, eventually, in the last pile, we found it.

As you can see I didn’t quite have my composure right, or my lighting, but I made sure the poses were there – Barbie kissing Ken, with a “leg pop”! :)

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