Sandton Sun Wedding

Jeanette Verster asked me to second shoot this wedding with her and I was really excited to capture this traditional ceremony at the Temple in Lenasia. It was a two hour ceremony with non-stop action. There wasn’t a moment where something wasn’t happening, so we moved stealthily all over the Temple so we didnt miss anything.

Jeanette shared the secret of the day with me so that I was in the loop. Suren, the groom, had organised a helicopter to surprise his bride Pooja to come and fetch them after their ceremony to go and have some photos on top of a mountain in Magaliesburg! How romantic is that!? She had no idea even though almost all the guests knew about it and were expecting to hear the chopper at 1335 sharp! When it was slightly late, Suren started to stress and Pooja noticed his stress. She said, why are you looking so worried?  As she said this, we all heard the doodoodoodoo *helicopter noise* :) And immediately she realised what he had organised.

What an awesome experience to have on your wedding day & not one person slipped up.

As they flew into the wide blue yonder, I caught the guests waving goodbye.

We then all made our way to the Sandton Sun hotel for the reception. If any of you have not been there before, make an effort to go and have drinks on the pool deck there, it has an incredible view on Sandton and the decor inside the hotel is to die for – very royal ! We were spoilt with the most delicious curry, samoosas and pompidoms – I could’ve gone back for seconds, thirds and fourths! :)

Enjoy all the bright colours and ornate details of this wedding.




Round two of hair and makeup

Main Photographer: Jeanette Verster

Venue: Sandton Sun Hotel


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