Bergvallei Estate Wedding {Part 1}

I had a happy heart after photographing Maritza and Mario’s wedding on Saturday. What a stunning couple and SUCH fun to photograph! Truly in love, and wonderful to work with. Sometimes you get a couple that makes your heart happy to watch them :)

The day was overcast, hot and threatening rains. I had prayed all day that it the skies would stay closed, and God was good to us as he let us get some BEAUTIFUL shots of Maritza before the ceremony and then during the service, the winds picked up. I kept peering up at the looming clouds during the ceremony knowing that we had to just go with it if it did rain…and rain it did. Luckily, the rain was light but the wind howled, making for some great shots of Maritza and Mario.

I have split this wedding into two parts as there’s just too much prettiness not to post! Stay tuned to Part 2 of the couple shoot and reception photos.

Oh Maritza you are just so beautiful!

A very proud Dad.

As we took this photo – the heaven’s opened up.

9 Responses to “Bergvallei Estate Wedding {Part 1}”

  1. Maritza

    Alana!!!!! We adore you!!!!!!!!! Tx SO much for capturing one of the most ‘bakgat’ days of our lives!!! You truly can do magic!!! Can’t wait to see Part II

  2. Jen Hume

    These are gorgeous, Lans!!! And such beautiful people to make your job a little easier! :)

  3. Kristy

    Wow!!! What a stunning bride and an even more beautiful dress – she is such a natural and very photogenic!!!! I can see you also thought so Lana, with the number of shots you got of just her beautiful face!

  4. Annelie

    Alana, what stunning photo’s you have taken, you really are a good photographer!!! Thank you so much for giving my sister such stunning and amazing memories of this beautiful and joyous day!!

  5. Chrisna

    Die trou foto’s lyk great. Almal lyk so op hulle gemak, dit is so mooi vasgevang op die foto’s.

  6. Nicky

    Maikie!!! Julle het stunning gelyk!! So verlief! xx

    Alana – Job well done!!! :o)
    Awesome photo’s!!


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