It’s my new bed!

It’s the Dog Blog!

Hi fans,

Do you remember me asking for a bed for Christmas?? Well guess what – I got it (a little early – but I love early presents coz that means there’s more for Christmas day too!)

It’s really big, and it’s in the colours that dad sometimes wears. I think he’ll like it too.

It smelt all new and funny, so I jumped in, scratched around and sniffed and then lay down…its so comfy and puffy.

I’m going to sleep well tonight in my new bed.

Before I go back to it, I hope you all get what you asked for for Christmas. I was a good puppy this year, so that’s why I got what I wanted. :)

Merry Christmas, and may you get many pieces of turkey.


3 Responses to “It’s my new bed!”

  1. Gail Clinton

    I do like Cassie’s new bed-she looks pretty impressed too! So glad she got what she asked for!


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