Babes and babies

Sam and Stu are the proud parents of baby Michael. He is so loved and has the proudest older sister who loves to look after him, cuddle him and really help out mom. He is a lucky little man to have such a loving sister.

He is such a good little boy and makes the cutest little facial expressions while he sleeps in his mom’s arms :)

Congratulations to the G-J family.

Gimme a kiss … :)

*yawn* – it’s been a long day!


2 Responses to “Babes and babies”

  1. Dave

    Awesome pics Lans! This lady (and Michael and his sister!) was at our Antenatal class on Saturday…small world :-)

  2. Terri

    Lan,these are just gorgeous. Stu, Sam, Jadie and Michael looking forward to spending many hour watching this family grow.


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